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Your Donation will help take a full size flying trapeze to remote communities so kids and adults can access one of the most daring and exciting of all circus actives. We will use the flying trapeze, circus and fitness to connect, inspire & teach people how to overcome fears, develop trust, physical awareness and self confidence whilst promoting awareness around FASD, Mental Health, Women’s Health and Youth Well-being. 

About Fly for Health

Fly for Health is a not-for-profit organisation that helps promote awareness and prevention of health issues in our communities and daily living. Partnering with organisations, we take flying trapeze, fitness and circus classes to remote indigenous communities to connect, empower and inspire and simultaneously raise awareness of FASD (foetal alcohol spectrum disorder)




Let us Fly for You!

Fly or Health is spreading it's wings and inviting organisations to express their interest in partnering with us to get a Health Message across to your community. 

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